How much does it cost to register a car and how to do it?

How much does it cost to register a car and how to do it?

Each car has its own unique symbol, appearing as a so-called registration numbers. Thanks to it, the car is assigned to the owner, which facilitates communication and subsequent formalities. Bearing in mind how important and necessary this step is for every driver, let’s try to answer the most important questions related to car registrations.


Application for vehicle registration


To register a car:

  1. go to the poviat eldership communication department or to the poviat city
  2. remember that the department should correspond to our place of residence
  3. it is possible to use a power of attorney if we cannot appear in the faculty in person
  4. if the power of attorney does not apply to descending relatives, it is necessary to pay a fee – USD 17
  5. remember that the power of attorney must be confirmed by a document. A model power of attorney is available at the communications department.

We have 30 days from purchase to registration. The process of completing the formalities itself does not take more than 30 minutes. This process may be longer if we choose the so-called rush hour or Monday. The application for vehicle registration can be downloaded from the offices or picked up at the tables prepared for applicants.


License plates – what do you need to prepare?

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When going to the office, you must take such documents as:

  • completed application for vehicle registration (which we can fill out on the spot, in the office or at home, after printing)
  • proof of ownership of the vehicle, e.g. a donation act
  • car registration certificate with a valid technical inspection (this is important, as the technical inspection is a must-have element of every future driver and car owner)
  • ID card or other document
  • old car license plates (if we are registering a used car, bought in Poland).
  • vehicle card, if available and previously issued to us


Car registrations – does their purchase cost you?

Car registrations - does their purchase cost you?

Yes, car registration involves a small fee, which is:

  • 81 USD for registering a car in a given city or poviat
  • car or truck – 180.50 USD (178.50 USD + 2 USD registration fee),
  • motorcycle, agricultural tractor, trailer – 121.50 USD (120 USD + 1.50 USD of registration fee),
  • moped – 111.50 USD (110 USD + 1.50 USD registration fee).


What exactly do these fees contain?

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By paying one payment to the communications department, you pay the same:

  • cost of issuing proof
  • inspection window sticker
  • two verification marks on boards
  • car license plates
  • motorcycle license plates
  • license plates for a moped,
  • temporary permission (so-called soft proof) for registration,
  • vehicle card


Vehicle registration authorization

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As we have already mentioned, the registration of the vehicle can be done for us by our nearest person. In the case of a spouse, brother or sister, the fee should not be paid. In other cases, it is necessary to pay a stamp duty of USD 17. The power of attorney application is available online and it is easy and trouble-free to complete. This power of attorney is also necessary if there are several vehicle owners and only one person can appear physically at the office (e.g. only one person from marriage).

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