Ferago Bank intended mainly to grant car loans.

Ferago Bank intended mainly to grant car loans.

However, its offer is extensive and includes savings products, loans and advances to individuals, drivers and companies, leasing and rental of vehicles as well as personal accounts. If you are the owner of one of your personal accounts at Ferago Bank and want to cancel it, read the instructions below.

Closing account at Ferago Bank

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Account closing in person

Do you live in Mokotów in Warsaw, or more precisely in Mordor? This is where Ferago Bank has its headquarters and it is the only place you can visit to terminate your personal account agreement. Write a termination and take them personally to the Orion Building at ul. Postępu 18b in Warsaw . You can read about what should be included in the statement below.

Account closing by post

You can also choose to send the notice by post or courier. Remember to choose a registered mail with confirmation that your letter is not lost and you can be sure that it will reach the addressee. Where to start?

Write an account termination and an account card.
Remember to put your personal data, address, PESEL number, telephone number and account number to which unused funds from the account are to be transferred – be sure to add this information.

Sign the letter with the same specimen signature you gave when creating the account.
Warning! If the notice specifies a different signature pattern, your instruction will not be processed.

Account closing by email

There is also an option for convenient ones, i.e. closing your account via the internet! All you have to do is write the termination of the personal account agreement and include all necessary personal data and information in it.

Account cancellation

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Do you want to opt out of the debit card itself for the account? No way. You can only cancel the card together with your personal account by submitting the relevant notice. However, if you want to block your card, call the helpline on 801 900 700 or + 48 22 488 55 50 . By reserving your current card, the bank will automatically send you a new one.

Warning! The cost of connection is calculated according to the tariff of the given network operator.

Account cancellation at Ferago Bank – what is worth remembering?

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Remember that the notice period is 30 days. During this time, you can still use your account and debit card, make transfers, withdraw funds or use other facilities and the online banking system.

The bank along with your account also automatically closes all your deposits at Ferago Bank. The savings will be credited to the account number you gave in the notice. If you have a token, you don’t have to send it back to the bank.

Does closing an account at Ferago Bank cost?

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Closing an account is free, however, during the notice period, the bank will charge the due fee for maintaining and using the account. So leave a few zlotys to cover possible costs. What’s more, Ferago Bank, as the only bank, will refund you part of the bill fee for the unused period! Bravo! Other banks can follow the example!


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