Do not be fooled! Know the scams when buying cars

Do not be fooled! Know the scams when buying cars

That the illusion of buying used cars does not play against your finances.



And it is that the emotion can make you not realize the bad plays that a seller can make you. Avoid falling into scams when buying a car knowing the most common frauds .


one. Deposit me you win the car!


You surf the internet or see in the newspaper ads the car you always wanted. It is second but it seems that they did not use it. Irresistible right? Be careful there! If you call and they tell you that there are many buyers queuing for the car, but that is yours if you deposit a certain amount, you have stepped on the stick! Most likely, the car does not exist and then you never know anything about the person you contacted or your money.


#two. I own the car! I sell it to you!


Remember that there are many stolen cars circulating there


People who sell it to you can leave them at a great price and arrange the papers so that you think everything is legal. Do not be fooled! Check in the public records to whom the vehicle really belongs.


#3. Check the seller’s background


This is important, especially when you buy a car in a store and not with a private individual. The reason is that it may be that whoever sells you the car has pending complaints from former buyers. Whether for the sale of stolen cars, defective cars, etc. It is better to know what is being said of the seller before continuing with the purchase.


#4. Cheap without trying


Offers of cheap used cars online are plentiful, but you can put your personal finances at risk if you fall into the trap. And you can buy cat by hare. Do not buy any used vehicle without having tested it and if you have passed a review that gives you light on its condition. This way you will know if the purchase is really worth it.


Report if you see any car sales ad you have discovered as fraud. And follow these tips to get the used car you want without putting your money at risk. Buying a used car through a dealership or a bank (who can also give you a vehicle credit for this type of purchase) is a good way to prevent scams.

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